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Now, with advancements is technology, it has become possible for serious hobbyists to keep jellyfish in captivity. Also, so far there has been the problem of acquiring jellyfish. Since, only government bodies had the ability to keep jellyfish, they were the only source of live jellyfish and their jellyfish was never for sale. However, private players have entered the market as a solution to increasing demand and no supply and now it is indeed possible to acquire live jellyfish.

The jellyfish aquarium has to meet very stringent standards to be able to keep jellyfish in captivity. Jellyfish are extremely delicate and hence, they need to remain suspended in water. If they hit against the walls of the aquarium, they could get hurt. Hence, water flow in the jellyfish aquarium has to be maintained in a way that can keep the jellyfish suspended, without disturbing their equilibrium. Also, a jellyfish aquarium should not have any sharp corners. Jellyfish could get trapped in them and could get hurt.

The jellyfish aquarium needs to replicate the living conditions of the jellyfish as much as possible. To do so, the jellyfish aquarium requires a filtration system that is similar to that of a coral aquarium. A jellyfish aquarium requires mechanical and chemical filtration to ensure the right water conditions. In fact, even a biological filtration system may be required in the jellyfish tank, depending upon the species of jellyfish. Also, a protein skimmer is required to remove all excess proteins in the water as it can be dangerous for the well being of the jellyfish. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the jellyfish do not get sucked in the suction mechanism of filtration systems.

The jellyfish also require specific temperature conditions to survive in captivity. The exact temperature requirement may vary from species to species of jellyfish, but usually; the temperature requirement for jellyfish is 55 to 65 degrees. A chiller or a refrigeration unit is typically required to maintain the right levels of temperature for the jellyfish aquarium.

Jellyfish are also very sensitive to light. While some species require semi-darkness to survive, some other species depend upon strong light to photosynthesize their food. You will need to make lighting arrangements in your jellyfish aquarium depending upon the species of jellyfish you want to keep.

Jellyfish Arts' aquariums are the latest in jellyfish aquarium technology, designed specifically for keeping jellyfish in captivity. They are highly equipped to recreate the natural living conditions of the jellyfish. These aquariums are designed keeping in mind the exact specifications required to keep jellyfish in captivity. They are equipped to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment for jellyfish to thrive in.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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