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Jellyfish Aquarium Light

A very crucial aspect of keeping jellyfish is aquarium lighting. As crucial as it is, it is normally an overlooked area which can at times be confusing for first time jellyfish keepers. The confusion mostly comes from the different fish tank lighting which can be used to light your jellyfish tank.

The main types of lighting include:
  • high output (ho) flourescent
  • very high output (vho) flourescent
  • regular fluorescent lights
  • compact flourescent
  • metal halide
  • LED - Light Emitting Diodes
The kind of light that a jellyfish aquarium needs depends on the type of jellyfish that you wish to keep in your tank. Keep in mind that insufficient, poor, or improper aquarium lighting will cause undue stress to your jellyfish, reduce its activity as well as coloration, and of course will lead to poor growth. Of equal importance to keep in mind is that the main aim of a jellyfish aquarium light is to replicate their natural lighting conditions in their natural habitats.

Majority of jellyfish require from 12-14 hours a day of the right level of daylight, and is upon you the keeper to ensure you provide them with their normal days and nights lest they will be unable to normalize behavioral cycles such as feeding or/and spawning. You might also want to buy an aquarium light timer. This helps you have an enjoyable time running the aquarium since its one less thing that you will have to muddle with.

Most jellyfish tankers today come fitted with hoods and fixtures that have several power cords tied on multiple light sockets in the hood. As such, you would be able to set up your aquarium light timer to be able to turn on the lights at intervals. As always, you need to maintain good aquarium electrical safety for your jellies and your safety too. Note that all devices used to create the optimum environment for your jellyfish such as heaters, lights, filters, etc are electrical.

There are some ground rules that ought to be followed to avoid electrical accidents in your jellyfish aquarium.
  • Make sure your jellyfish aquarium light appliances are marked that they are suitable to be used with water
  • Ensure all jellyfish aquarium light appliances that you use are UL approved.
  • Before you work inside your jellyfish aquarium, ensure all the lighting wires are unplugged

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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