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Jellyfish are very fragile creatures and need a very sophisticated set-up to keep and breed them in captivity. The current of the water has to be maintained in a way that keeps the jellyfish suspended, but at the same time cannot be strong enough to destabilize it. The water temperature needs to be maintained between 55 and 65 degrees to replicate the environment of the jellyfish. The tank cannot be rectangular in shape as it poses the risk of the jellyfish hurting itself or getting stuck. The filtration system also needs to be powerful enough to handle mechanical, chemical and biological filtration along with surface skimming.

Until recently, jellyfish could only be maintained in public aquariums and by scientific communities. The set up required to keep jellyfish was too sophisticated and expensive for a regular hobbyist. Also there are no real sources of zooplankton which is the staple diet of jellyfish. With improvements in jellyfish tank technology and availability of substitute jellyfish food has made it possible for hobbyists to keep and maintain jellyfish.

The Jelliquariums are the latest in technology for jellyfish tanks. They combine numerous features that provide a safe and clean environment for your jellyfish while replicating its natural environs as closely as possible. Listed below are some of its features:

  • The Jelliquariums unique design allows for water to flow in a manner that keeps the jellyfish and its food, gelatinous zooplankton, suspended in water.
  • Its design also provides complete surface skimming and removal of any debris in the water. The exit panel for the water is designed in a way that does not allow the jellyfish to get sucked out while the water is being siphoned.
  • The filtration system also ensures complete protein skimming and oxygenation of water. The Skimmer cups are easy to remove and clean regularly.
  • The water pump used in the Jelliquarium is noiseless and highly energy efficient. The water pump can also be easily removed for regular cleaning. The valve at the gate of the pump can be used to control the flow of the water as different species of jellyfish will have different requirements.
  • The Jelliquarium uses Aqualogic brand aquarium chiller which comes with a 2 year warranty and chills water reliably. It is specially modified for its use in the Jelliquariums and allow for easy removal for periodic cleaning or repair. The cooler also has two vents and throws out cool air and draws in warm air from opposite ends of the Jelliquarium.
  • The Jelliquarium comes equipped with digital thermostat and controller. The LCD display provides accurate reading of the water temperature and allows for easy setting of desired temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The range of settings is wide enough to accommodate any species of jellyfish, as their temperature requirement changes from species to species.
  • The Jelliquarium comes with standard ABS light hood and fluorescent light fixtures and flourescent light bulb. However, additional lighting system is available optionally for keeping those species of jellyfish that are sensitive to light.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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