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How to Heal a Jellyfish Sting

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How to Heal a Jellyfish Sting

You are enjoying your beach holiday and having a leisurely swim out in the sea, and suddenly you feel a searing pain on your forearm, and you see a translucent gelatinous mass float by. You instantly realise you have been stung by a jellyfish and your mind races with the question, "How to heal a jellyfish sting?".

Jellyfish have hundreds of stinger cells on their tentacles, and these are fired into the prey which happens to come in contact with the jellyfish. There are about a hundred varieties of jellyfish, whose venom is considered dangerous for a human being. These stinger cells are like small splinters which embed themselves into the skin, and release the venom. Most jellyfish have a nasty sting and the person will feel intense pain and burning in the area where it has stung.

The healing process starts by neutralising the venom as soon as possible. This is done by pouring undiluted vinegar over the affected part, and waiting for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you should carefully remove the stinger cells which are still embeded in the skin, using tweezers or a towel. You can also scrape them off the skin with the help of a card.

The venom gets neutralised by the acetic acid present in the vinegar. This process will only neutralise the venom which has not been injected yet from the stinger cells and has no effect on the venom which might have already been released in the blood stream. By pouring the vinegar you are reducing the intake of the extra venom. After this, for soothing the pain there are various options available. You can apply aloe vera gel to soothe the burning sensation and take painkillers like ibuprofen to make the pain subside.

You can also buy certain lotions that are available in the market, which are known to provide very fast relief. The ingredients of these lotions are much more potent than vinegar and will neutralise the venom faster and provide a greater relief from pain. These lotions have been tested on actual jellyfish sting victims and majority have found relief within minutes. This would be the fastest way to heal jellyfish stings.

All types of jellyfish do not have the same form of venom. Some jellyfish are extremely venomous and the toxicity can kill a person withing minutes. The Box jellyfish is one such creature and when a person gets stung, he will experience extreme pain, and has to be rushed to a hospital to immediately get an anti venom dose. If he happens to survive, by the timely administration of the anti-venom, his healing process has to be closely monitored so that there are no complications.

While healing a jellyfish sting the person's previous medical condition also has to be taken into account, as the sting can cause that condition to get aggravated. Jellyfish stings are also known to cause many allergic reactions and these have to be treated symptomatically.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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