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Harmless Jellyfish

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Harmless Jellyfish

The mere mention of Jellyfish brings scary images and stories of Jellyfish stings to mind. Though it is true that Jellyfish are quite aggressive and they sting with their tentacles, there are some varieties of Jellyfish which are comparatively harmless.

There is actually no way to find out if the next Jellyfish, you encounter while swimming at sea is going to sting you or not. But if the basic facts about them are known then it surely helps in identifying the types and steering clear from places which usually breed these toxic, jellies as they are usually called.

A general fact about these Jellyfish is that they are usually found along the deep water areas of the oceans and seas, but they can float on the surface too. That is where they come in contact with the humans and then they sting them in response to a self protective mechanism.

There are some kinds of Jellyfish which are quite small and they do not measure more than an inch in length. These are white in color and they are found only in fresh waters. The good news about them is that they are harmless and they do not sting or cause any kind of harm to humans.

Cannon ball Jellyfish:

These Jellyfish are often called as the cabbage head Jellyfish because the top round surface resembles a white cabbage. The tentacles are absent but instead they have very small feeding apparatus, which resembles the tentacles, and are uniform and are of dark maroon color. These are found in the sea and deep ocean waters, but yet are quite harmless. They do not sting humans.

Mushroom Jellyfish:

As the name suggests, they resemble a mushroom with a smooth surface and like the cannon ball Jellyfish have no tentacles. But these Jellyfish are almost totally white, and flatter and do not have any other color on the body. These are quite harmless and do not sting humans.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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