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Glass Jellyfish

Jellyfish is one of the most fascinating creatures in the marine kingdom. Its almost translucent form, it beautiful agility as well as its vivid coloration make for great eye candy. The movement of the jellyfish is almost hypnotic in nature and man has always had a fascination for these ancient creatures.

Once you know a little bit of the background of the jellyfish, they become even more interesting creatures.

Here are some interesting facts about Jellyfish:
  • They are perhaps the oldest living creatures in the world. They have existed for at least 650,000 years, since even before the dinosaurs!
  • They are found in all the marine waters of the world, from the very surface to the very depths. They are also found in some freshwater habitats.
  • There are more than 2000 known species of jellyfish and more species are being discovered on a regular basis.
  • More than 95% of the jellyfish's body mass is made up of water.
  • One fertilized jellyfish egg can give birth to millions of jellyfish.
  • While most species of jellyfish are harmless to man, some of them can kill dozens of men in a matter of seconds.
Hobbyists have wanted to keep jellyfish in captivity for a very long time, but so far it has not been very possible. The requirements of keeping jellyfish in captivity are so stringent that only a few government funded institutions have the resources to create a livable habitat for the jellyfish. Only recently, advancements have been made in technology to permit hobbyists to keep jellyfish in captivity. Even then, it is a very expensive affair.

But, jellyfish enthusiasts need not be disappointed. Art has once again made it possible for you to have access to something that science is unable to acquire. It is now possible to get a glass jellyfish which is able to exhibit all the beauty of a real specimen. Artists from around the world have been attempting to render the beauty of the jellyfish onto glass and to be fair; many attempts have had resounding success.

Since the late nineteenth century glass sculptures of jellyfish have been created by artists who have been fascinated by this creature and have wanted to bring their beauty into the living room of the collector. Many of the older glass jellyfish sculptures are in the form of the vase and the light bulb inside it is able to create just the right kind of translucent glow. Older variety of glass jellyfish tended to be made using a number of precious stones and these works of arts were available only to a select few. Today, they can be seen in museums around the world.

Today, it is now possible to get glass jellyfish sculptures in a number of different shapes and designs. The most popular use of glass jellyfish is made in paperweights and decorative pieces. Blown glass is used in the making of these jellyfish sculptures. This particular material also allows for the wonderful coloration of the real jellyfish to be brought into your living room.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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