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Fluorescent Jellyfish

The Jellyfish are truly a wonder of nature. They have always been objects of deep observation and admiration. Not to mention the fact, that they are also considered in great awe, fear and even repulsion by some folks. The repulsion and fear have originated from the fact that these creatures can be quite beautiful to behold, but extremely painful when stung by them.

These marine creatures are classified under the group of Cnidarians. They typically have a soft jelly like consistency to their body, prompting the people to call them as Jellyfish.

There are numerous surprises in store, when we deal with Jellyfishes. The first and foremost of the surprise is the vast reservoir of chemical factories, inside the tiny body. Though this creature does not have a vertebral column, a proper demarcation of body and head, and not even a brain, yet this Jellyfish is seen to possess numerous different chemicals, some of which are extremely toxic and poisonous too.

Next in store for the observer or the scientist is the next surprise, which is the fluorescent quality of these creatures. The Jellyfish possess a chemical protein inside their body fluid, called as aequorin, which was derived from the species of Jellyfish called as Aequorea Victoria. The GFP or the green fluorescent protein was derived from this protein. Both these proteins have a property of photo luminescence, which means lighting up in the dark, and also the property of fluorescence.

Then there are the Neon Jellyfish which are also called as rainbow Jellyfish. These do not produce any photo luminescent protein as such. But yet they manage to shine or light up in the dark. They possess a hair like structure called cilia which help in their motility. The light which falls on these cilia is reflected back and this simple property of light reflection makes these rainbow Jellyfish fluorescent.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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