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Fake Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish are fascinating creatures to watch as they swim along. Their unique shape and the absence of normal organs and skeletal structure, makes them very intriguing and mysterious. This makes them highly sought after as a pet, but because of their delicate nature it is not so easy to have them in an aquarium. They require the same type of environment, like they have in the ocean, and to create that in an aquarium is difficult but possible. Their tanks are quite costly and one needs to maintain them properly. An easier alternative is to have a fake jellyfish aquarium.

Usually anything fake does not come close in comparison to the actual thing, and many times it does not give the desired effect. This is not the case with the different types of jellyfish aquariums, which are now available in the market. The artificial jellyfish made of silicon, do look like the actual ones and are seen floating around to give the added effect.

One of the best fake jellyfish aquarium available in the market today is the Hypnotic Jellyfish aquarium, from Hammacher Schlemmer. This aquarium has ideal dimensions, which will fit on to a shelf or can be kept on a table. It is around 13 inches high, and 17 and half inches wide, with a thickness of around 4 inches. The body of the aquarium does not look tacky, and gives an appearance of an actual mini aquarium.

The lighting effect of this fake jellyfish aquarium is what sets it apart from other similar products. The whole aquatic area is given a backlighting with LED. What's more is you can choose the light pattern you like among the various types that are possible by the nine LEDs. You can get highlights in vivid blue, green and red.

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium, comes with three fake jellyfish, coral reefs and some seaweeds. The three jellyfish move around in the water by rising and falling, and this is made possible by gentle currents which are generated by a motor. This motor is silent in its operation and is well hidden from view, as it is integrated inside the aquarium.

Costing about $70, having absolutely zero maintenance and with a stunning and mesmerizing effect, this fake jellyfish aquarium is the best option, if you love watching jellyfish.

Another popular model of a fake jellyfish aquarium is the Uncle Milton Deep Sea Jellyfish Aquarium. This is similar to the previous model, and has a background of rock which is made luminous with LEDs. A water pump creates the movement in the tank and is programmed to shut on and off in a fixed cycle. The effect again is very soothing and makes this ideal for a children's bedroom. There are the usual three rubber jellyfish, which look quite life-like and can easily pass as the real thing. This aquarium is taller with a height of a foot and width of around 10 inches. The thickness is almost 5 inches, given the rocky backdrop. The pump runs on electricity and it comes with an AC adapter, and the cost is about $20.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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