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Dried Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one of the most intriguing creatures yet to be seen within the dark shadows of the ocean. These intriguing creatures are the reason the international food market is seen to be increasing in higher and higher numbers. Dried Jellyfish is one of Asia's top foods, and has a unique taste of its own. They have the capability of providing great taste, when prepares appropriately, and also provide us with several health benefits simultaneously.

Dried jellyfish is vulnerable to time. If it is not dried on the appropriate time, the jellyfish will then spoil. A drying process must take place in a matter of hours. The drying process helps prevent jellyfish from decaying. A decayed jellyfish is extremely hazardous. The drying process is aided by salting the jellyfish. After a couple of minutes, the salt is washed off and the jellyfish is soaked in water and then dried off. Now that the jellyfish is dry, it is cut into several pieces. The pieces are put into boiling water just for a couple of minutes and immediately taken out to be placed into cold water. This allows the salt to be removed and gives it that crunchy flavor. Jellyfish don't have any taste on their own, it is only after it is added to other foods it takes on a taste.

The health benefits of dried jellyfish can be extremely beneficial. Dried jellyfish contain calcium binding proteins. There are two major benefits that can come from an increase in natural genetic calcium binding proteins. The first benefit is that it improves memory. Secondly, it is an age-fighting protein. Therefore today many researchers are currently studying and experimenting in order to perhaps find a solution to age related malfunctions, such as a slow cognitive function, memory loss and slow alertness responses.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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