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Colorful Jellyfish

Jellyfish can be such beautiful and majestic sea creatures but usually people simply regard them as opaque or white or clear colored creatures which float in the water at beaches, rivers, lakes and streams and oceans. This is not always the case though and these creatures are often misrepresented by these common plain species such as the moon jelly. Not all jellyfish are plain or transparent. Some jellyfish actually come in beautiful and vibrant colors whilst others may come in a basic and yet still elegant looking shade. There are even some jellyfish in the world that actually have a pattern or a tattoo like picture on their body.

Jellyfish have been recorded as having a range of color possibilities with some being seen with white, blue, green, pink, yellow, red, purple, orange and stripes on their body. The colors in themselves may simply be a warning to possible predators that the jellyfish aren't to be messed with.

The Tiburonia granrojo is a rather large sized Jellyfish which is deep red in its color and looks rather robust and fleshy when compared to the clear and delicate looking jellyfish which most of us are used to. This jellyfish uses anywhere from 4 to 7 arms to capture and eat its meals and these tentacles are rather short in comparison to their other jellyfish counterparts.

Another beautifully colored jellyfish is the Purple jellyfish, or the Purple Striped Jellyfish. The Purple Jellyfish is found exclusively along the coastline of California and has to date not been reported to have been found at any other location anywhere in the world. These jellyfish have beautiful purple stripes and can grow up in diameter to 70cm. The body is usually streaked with a pattern of purple stripes which is how the jellyfish got its name but this only occurs during the adult phase of the jellyfish's life.

The Purple Jellyfish changes its appearance throughout its life with it being pinker in color at the beginning with no stripes in sight and they will have long dark maroon tentacles. During the ageing process the appearance slowly changes as it develops long oral frilled arms that can grow anywhere from 4 to 5 metres long and when the jellyfish is a full grown adult it will then gain the purple stripes which it is famous for and the tentacles lose their color until they are nearly colorless. The oral arms will eventually disappear all together and the tentacles will get thicker and paler.

These are just two examples of the beautiful jellyfish that float in the waters all over the world. These jellyfish can be absolutely breathtaking to witness and there is an abundant amount of photographs of these beautiful aquatic specimens available on the internet. If you would be interested in seeing these majestic, elegant and vibrant creatures but don't know where to start then the best thing for you to do would be to visit a website which can provide you with photographs as well as all of the information you could possibly need. Check out our Jellyfish Pictures

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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