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Chironex Fleckeri

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Chironex Fleckeri

The Chrionex Fleckeri is an absolutely amazing but brutal predator of the sea world. It falls under the animal kingdom called Animalia. It is also known as the Sea Wasp or the Box Jellyfish. This jellyfish is an extremely hazardous predator. It is known to kill faster than crocodiles and sharks combined, which are the most dangerous predators of their respective land and water domains. The Chrionex Fleckeri can kill exactly 60 human adults within three minutes. The number is sixty because each person is attacked by one tentacle. Hence, the Chrionex Fleckeri has sixty tentacles, is fifteen feet long and can swim as fast as five feet per second. This is absolutely amazing!

The Chrionex Fleckeri can be found within the the tropical areas of the Indo-West Pacific are, Southern and Eastern Asia, Northern Australia and the Gulf of Mexico, which is very close to Texas. They are an immense threat to children swimming on the edges of the beach, any surfers or divers. These jellyfishes are any human's worst nightmare.

The Chrionex Fleckeri, a complex killer, is itself a very simple organism. The body of this jellyfish is symmetrical and it contains specialized and developed tissue cells. This species of jellyfish is a carnivore. It feeds on any small fish swimming around, hence jellyfish are a bad affecting factor to any fishing industry, shrimp, prawns, sergestid and humans! These jellyfish are known to cause immense pain to any human. A jellyfish attack is noticeable if a person has slashes of acid attack seen on their skin. Each whip is a whip of fire. It is absolutely agonizing and feels like hot iron being whipped. The Chrionex Fleckeri is a pale blue jellyfish and is very close to being invisible within the water due to its amazing transparent characteristics.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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