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Cassiopeia Jellyfish

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Cassiopeia Jellyfish

Cassiopeia is not the common name used to refer to this species of jellyfish. It's the genus name, for the Cassiopeia xamachana, the upside down jellyfish. It is an anatomical beauty from the rarity of its physique. From its naming, it's apparent that this jellyfish has an upside down orientation. Its tentacles hang over its head. They are short and reach a length of 14 inches. It has a transparent body, though not a pale blue one like most other distant relatives. It is a carnivorous species, feeding on small fish and invertebrates though it doesn't mind taking a bite of zoo plankton every once in a while.

Among the species that would add great color to an aquarium would be this one in precision. There are a couple of reasons supporting that. One is that its sting is harmless. Sure it will sting, but the after effects are so few that you will hardly feel it. It prefers living in the tropical salt water bodies and has a life span of about a year at best.

There is trouble in keeping the Cassiopeia jellyfish however. Not when it comes to the dietary requirements, but with the maintenance. It needs an aquarium with no corners. Its anatomical being makes corners perilous places where it can get caught on and die. The microorganisms residing inside it need a good supply of lighting for optimum survival. The water requirements also need to be maintained at best. That is because most of the jellyfish is water. Needs to be salty and warm, as it would be in the tropical seas. On a normal day, you would expect to find it rested on the aquarium floor. Any quick glance and you might not be able to notice it, because of its top facing tentacles.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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