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Cannonball Jellyfish Sting

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Cannonball Jellyfish Sting

There are millions of different creatures that inhabit the seas and oceans around the world. We have been able to understand very few of them. as we speak of this now newer and more interesting species of the deep have been discovered and studied. Evolution itself happened from water and then migrated to land. Hence we see a lot of different specimens of evolution that has not changed in millions of years. The Jellyfish is one such amazing creature. It has been around for almost 650 million years and hence is one of the oldest surviving creatures on the planet. They have some very unique features that make them captivating.

The most common conception of a Jellyfish is that of a poisonous stinging creature. We have to understand that the stinging ability of the Jellyfish is a defence mechanism. There are over 2000 different species of Jellyfish that have been identified and studied and only a few of them are actually venomous. Even among them the chances of death from a sting is very rare.

The Cannonball Jellyfish is one of the most beautiful species of Jellyfish. Its scientific name is Stomolophus Meleagris. It is a deep sea dweller and comes unto surface to feed. The cannonball Jellyfish is one species of Jellyfish that does not have tentacles. They have round white bell like structures with pigmentation of various colours such as brown and purple. The oral arms are used for feeding and they form a structure by combining these together. To learn more about see out our article on Jellyfish Species

The cannonball Jellyfish sting is completely harmless to human beings. They actually do not have a arm and they rarely sting humans. It is known that their sting is of no consequence to humans. The interesting fact is that they get tangled in fishermen's nets all the time. No one knows the reason why. The Cannonball Jellyfish is a beautiful creature with incredible colouration. There are many more dangerous and deadlier species of Jellyfish out there than the Cannonball. The Box and the Portuguese-man-of-war are examples of these.

Jellyfish inhabit the deeps seas and have done so for millions of years. They catch their prey by stunning them with their sting and venom. If humans get stung by them then we ourselves are responsible for that. The Jellyfish is one of the most beautiful creatures one can set their eyes upon. They are found all over the world and have a complete life cycle including birth, reproduction and death.

The Jellyfish is considered by many as a threat and danger. There are valid reasons for it but we cannot hold the creature responsible. To understand them we need a lot more research and analysis. Since they have been around a lot more than us we need to respect them and try conserving their kind. To understand more about these mysterious and alluring beauties of the deep please read relevant articles at our website, it is a comprehensive guide to understanding Jellyfishes better.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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