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Can You Die From a Jellyfish Sting

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Can You Die From a Jellyfish Sting

The deep blue sea hides many wonderful and amazing creatures. We have only been able to discover and understand a few of them. These few have kept us interested and attentive. We can only imagine what new finds will bring us. The sheer volume of the area of these vast oceans means that we have only touched the tip of the ice berg. One of the most beautiful and hugely misunderstood creatures of the deep is the Jellyfish. There have been innumerable episodes of close encounters with these very beautiful yet strangely venomous creatures. Some of the reports are genuine and there have been instances of people dying of Jellyfish stings.

The only reason for this is that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time with the worst possible stinger there is out there. The odds are hugely against such a coincidence to happen. The Jellyfish is a transparent and sometimes luminescent creature. It has a body structure like no other organism in the world. It is without a bone structure and its entire system is simple and can be seen with the naked eye.

A very minute percentage of Jellyfishes are actually poisonous. These are far and apart and to come across one is pure luck. The most venomous one is the Box Jellyfish. It is also called the Marine Stinger. This Jellyfish has a reputation of being the deadliest Jellyfish out there. This Jellyfish when coming in contact with its prey or with the human skin will deposit a liberal amount of its lethal barbs tipped with poison into the skin. This toxin can cause a totally shut down of the entire respiratory system in a matter of seconds. Hence the issue of if we can die if we are stung by a Jellyfish is answered there.

This does not mean that any Jellyfish attack can kill us. This particular Jellyfish is indeed lethal but there are very few counterparts of this Jelly that can do the same. Their venom is not so powerful. To learn more about the effect of Jellyfish venom read our articles on Deadly Jellyfish

The other types of jellyfish are relatively harmless and their sting may be felt with a little irritation. This irrational concept of all the Jellyfish being deadly is unfounded. The Jellyfishes are very beautiful creatures and are very interesting. They have very complex systems which are actually an amalgamation of various polyps and so on. Some of the Jellyfishes are not even one single entity. They are a collection of many individual polyps.

The Jellyfish venom is deadly and that is a fact. They are not seen all over the world and the chances of getting bitten by one are very low. They are not natural predators of humans and hence will not seek out humans to sting. When a person comes into contact with them, they sting us in self defence and not in attack.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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