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Can Jellyfish Sting Each Other?

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Can Jellyfish Sting Each Other?

The oceans of the world are one of the most diverse and varied ecological zones. There are huge numbers of different types of creatures that roam the depths of the seas. Man has always been interested in them. One of the most awe inspiring and fear invoking creature is the jellyfish. This creature is most of the times misunderstood and ill treated. They have developed a nasty reputation of being deadly and dangerous. The reality of the matter is some thing else.

We need to understand the Jellyfish to describe its potentially lethal sting. There are reasons for its powerful and rarely fatal feature. The most venomous jellyfish in the sea is the legendary sea wasp. It is also called the box Jellyfish or the Marine Stinger. This Jellyfish has a sting with venom powerful enough to kill a grown man in minutes. The respiratory system shuts down within seconds of being stung by this Jellyfish. The reasons for the Jellyfish to sting are not in attack but in reality it is for self defence. The Jellyfish is as its name suggests a jelly like animal. Without its stinging power it is easy meal for many deep sea predators. Hence nature has bestowed on it this incredibly powerful tool. The Jellyfishes that roam the waters of the world are all not poisonous. Only a select few are and the rest of them do sting but they are harmless.

The Jellyfish when coming in contact with the human skin will release a very poisonous toxin directly into the blood stream. The Jellyfish has tentacles which are lined with these poison tipped barbs. When they attach to the skin they literally sink themselves in. most of the times we find that the barbs get lodged in the skin. This is a painful experience for the person. It goes without saying that the Jellyfish also loose a lot of their barbs in the attack and hence become toothless. To learn more about the Stinging Jellyfish visit Deadly Jellyfish

The interesting question that arises from this is that do Jellyfish sting each other. There are no solid answers to this question. The reason being that this type of behaviour is not seen in them. There are some larger Jellyfish that prey on smaller ones, these may sting the smaller ones, but generally they are not turn on each other. A number of Jellyfishes travel in schools and hence it is safe to say that they do not sting each other.

The Portuguese-man-of-war is another famous and deadly Jellyfish. This is actually a colony of highly specialised polyps which are living together and hence the Jellyfish is not even one single organism. The sting is extremely poisonous. The sting leaves red welts on the skin on the area of contact. The venom causes a lot of pain, heart and respiratory problems; rarely do they cause death due to a lot of poison entering or late medical treatment. To know more about the Jellyfish browse our website.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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