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Buying Jellyfish

Jellyfish are amongst the most fascinating creatures of the water world. Their gelatinous bodies give them the delicacy and grace that is difficult to find even in the animal kingdom. Capturing and keeping jellyfish has been the dream of many hobbyists, but even today, it is a difficult task to accomplish.

Jellyfish are amongst the oldest creatures on the surface of the earth. They have been in existence long before man, or even before the dinosaur. Yet, man has not yet been able to device the perfect way of capturing jellyfish. The fact of the matter is that jellyfish are extremely fragile. Only 5% of their body mass is actual solid organic matter. Attempting to capture jellyfish usually end up in injuring or killing them.

On the other hand, keeping jellyfish is no easy task either. Jellyfish are built in a way that only the open oceans in the world can provide the perfect environment for surviving and breeding. Since, jellyfish are so fragile, they cannot be kept in any container as brushing against its sides could hurt the jellyfish. Also, jellyfish are suspended in water by its currents. The jellyfish has no ability to move horizontally. It is completely dependent on the tide and current of the water to keep it afloat and to move it from one place to another. In the absence of current, the jellyfish would not be able to feed itself either. Meeting these requirements to keep a jellyfish alive has been difficult to accomplish.

Another problem with keeping jellyfish is the issue of its food. In nature jellyfish feed on zooplanktons and small crustaceans. It is almost impossible to find a source of these creatures to feed the jellyfish. No adequate substitute food was found until recently and this made it difficult to keep jellyfish in one's home.

Until recently, only public aquariums and scientific communities were allowed to set up sophisticated apparatus required to keep jellyfish active. The set up was too complex and expensive and out of reach of any hobbyists. To compound matters, public aquariums are not allowed to sell any specimen to the general public under law. Since, they were the only breeders of jellyfish and were not allowed to sell them; there were no sources in the market to acquire a jellyfish from.

Recent technological developments have resulted in what is called a jelliquarium, which is an aquarium specially, designed to meet the requirements of the jellyfish. On the other hand, substitute food for jellyfish is now being made. This gave a number of private entrepreneurs the impetus required to enter the market and fulfill the ever-increasing demands of pet jellyfish. Now jellyfish are available at a number of fish shop online and off.

However, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are buying jellyfish:

- Ensure that you understand all the stringent requirements to keep jellyfish alive and are able to maintain a system to provide them with conditions as close to their natural habitat as possible.
- Check the different species available and consider their pricing.
- Understand specific requirements, if any, for the jellyfish species you intend to buy.
- Buy your jellyfish from a reputable dealer. They are more likely to ensure the safe delivery of your jellyfish and will be able to respond in case of any trouble.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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