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Artificial Jellyfish Aquarium

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Artificial Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish are eternally mysterious and intriguing and while many of us would like having live jellyfish as pets, it's not always easy or affordable to meet the specific needs of these delicate animals in terms of care and tanks.

If you do still want a way to admire these creatures, or let your young child have a way to be fascinated by them until he is old enough to take care of the real thing, you can always consider buying an artificial jellyfish aquarium.

Countries like China, Hong Kong and Japan are pioneers in creating LED artificial jellyfish aquariums, but you can find them selling on eBay as well. They don't cost too much, depending on the type you want to buy. The simpler ones cost around $10 but you can find more expensive types that are more impressive or extravagant.

Artificial jellyfish aquariums usually contain two or three jellyfish, and they may be of different sizes. There are usually LED lights that illuminate the jellyfish and make them glow. Some have colour changing LED lights so that the glow can be of different colours. Many come with different modes, such as Normal or Deep Ocean, which you can change depending on what you want to see. Most of these aquariums are set against a black background to really bring out the shape and glow of the jellyfish.

These artificial jellyfish aquariums are a lovely replacement for the real thing. Some of them have jellyfish that look quite realistic and those who aren't experts on jellyfish can hardly tell the different. The jellyfish also move and swim around the tank sometimes due to the gentle current it supplies. Many people have these as eye catching ornaments, as a replacement for a real jellyfish aquarium or as gifts, especially for children.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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