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Aquapict LED Jellyfish Aquarium

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Aquapict LED Jellyfish Aquarium

There are probably lots of people who would like to keep jellyfish as pets. But being as delicate as they are, they need lots of time and money in order to be cared for in a tank that is appropriate for them. You may not have that kind of time and money, or you may simply be tired of telling your young son or daughter that they simply don't have the understanding to take care of real life jellyfish. In either case, a lovely substitute for a live jellyfish aquarium is the Aquapict Jellyfish Aquarium.

Created in Japan, these aquariums are gaining worldwide popularity. The small, convenient aquarium is 10 1/2" high, 8 1/4" wide and 4 3/4" thick, and so can sit right on your desk if you want it to. Contained in this case are three artificial jellyfish made of high quality silicone to look just like the real thing. A slow current operates within the case, making these jellyfish move as if on their own.

You now never have to worry about leaving home because you can't feed your jellyfish, or about having to buy an expensive new tank when they outgrow their old one. You can have all the benefits of having a jellyfish aquarium without all that worry. All the Aquapict aquarium needs to run is electricity.

During the daytime your jellyfish will swim about looking relaxed and languid. The night is even better. You can choose from among twelve different colors to set you jellies 'aglow' and give them all a mysterious, beautiful light while they float about.

This is one of the most popular home decorations in Japan, and is gaining fast popularity all over the world. You can buy them for $159 and give you and your family a treat to look at with this unique design of aquarium.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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